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Review: Moroccan Oil Product Line

This is my review on the Moroccan Oil products, pretty much the entire line. ****LOOK HERE FOR some FAQ’s for this video: 1. I am relaxed in this video 2. I used Motions relaxer in regular 3. My hair type is 4b 4. You can purchase these products at Beauty Brands or your local licensed salon. Moroccan Oil ONLY sales there products where a professional stylist is present to advise on how to use the products. for further information 6. I purchased all products in this video with my own money. 7. As of 2/14/12 I still use all of these products in the video and I still like them very much. 8. Moroccan Oil is the brand name of the company and Argan oil is the actual oil used in the product. A nickname of Argan oil is Moroccan Oil so yes, they are one in the same.